Multi Camera Systems

Powerful, Real-Time GPS Tracking at your fingertips both in the UK and Europe

Multi Camera Systems

Our Multi-Camera systems are suitable for all HGV vehicles and come with a 1TB (SSD) solid state drive with no moving parts and will give at least a month’s storage. (SSD) is more reliable than a (HDD) Hard Disc Drive.

There is the option to Live View the cameras should a problem arise. You can add Side Scan which alerts your driver with an audible alert in the cab and a visual on his monitor on the dash should another vehicle or cyclist or a pedestrian get too close to the Lorry. This allows them to take avoiding action to avert a serious collision and stop a large insurance claim.

Being able to prove your driver was not at fault makes installing a Multi-Camera System a good purchase and ROI (Return On Investment) is very good.

All HGVs more than 12 tonnes GVW entering or operating in Greater London from 26 October 2020 will need to hold a safety permit. To find out more about this legislation and what changes you will have to make, please click below.

You can add our Vehicle Tracking anytime with all functionality on one screen.

  • Hard evidence from all cameras offering proof of fault
  • No it isn’t always the fault of the Lorry driver
  • Helps to reduce Insurance claims
  • Encourages responsible driving and aids training
  • Overall greater road safety
  • Overall greater road safety
  • Quick return on investment
  • Live camera option
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Vehicle Telematics

Everything you need is in the palm of your hand on your Smartphone or on a PC. We offer Powerful, Real-Time GPS Tracking at your fingertips both in the UK and Europe.


Stolen Vehicle Trackers

We install Thatcham Category 6 or S7 and Thatcham Category 5 or S5 tracking devices.


We rely heavily on Vehicle Tracking

“We rely heavily on Vehicle Tracking to help us keep tabs on our vehicles and staff, and to ensure everyone is driving safely.”

Gary Millican. Rol-Lite Blinds

Helps verify time sheets and quantify costings

“Wish we had installed Vehicle Tracking years ago as it helps us verify time sheets and quantify our costings”

Anthony Kent Thermguard Insulation Ltd